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You can now make money by Instagramming your revision notes

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Running a successful studygram account

The student set up Legally Studies to combine her love of photography with something that she was going to be doing a lot at university – studying.

Along with posting bright and colourful desk snaps on a daily basis, she works hard to engage her followers and build an audience. She asks questions, responds to comments and links to similar accounts.

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Her account is also full of top revision tips, from the tastiest snacks to the best apps.

Speaking to Legal Cheek, she said:

It’s fascinating to see how many people are influenced just from pictures of my study space and anecdotes in my captions.

I’m not so great with networking in person so I do feel more at ease engaging with people via Instagram.

It’s not all about Instagram though, Legally Studies also has over 7,000 followers on YouTube where she vlogs about studying and exam season.


Making money from studygrams

Of course, having thousands of followers is more than just an ego boost – it can also be a great bank balance boost if you know what to do.

Legally Studies has featured giveaways and sponsored content in Instagram posts to turn her studygram account into a money-making venture.

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Using her skills in organisation and revision planning, Legally Studies has also made timetables, plans and calendars which you can buy from her website.

It takes some hard work and dedication, but Instagram can be a great source of extra revenue while at university.

If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed and knuckle down to do some serious revision, the prospect of earning some money from it ought to do the trick.


Are studygrams a new trend?

Legally Studies isn’t the only student turning pretty revision notes into a thriving studygram.

Emma Studies is a third-year Communications student in Australia who has garnered an impressive following of over 460K followers with her colourful revision pics.

You don’t need to wait until university either, as A level and GCSE students are getting in on the action too.

As an A-level student Emily Studies, had around 124,000 followers with her super neat handwriting and sparkling revision notes. Now, as a first-year medical student, she’s got over 160,000.

So why are studygrams so popular?

#studyinspo has long been a trend on social media – revision can be a drag, but immaculate notes and bright colours sure make the process more enjoyable. Plus, it can make information easier to digest and retain.

Quite simply, people use them as a way to guide and inspire their own revision.


How to start a studygram

If you’re an avid highlighter collector or a sucker for a colourful mindmap, then this could be right up your street.

However, while super neat handwriting and some calligraphy skills might be handy, creating a successful studygram is more about finding your own style and posting consistently.

Whether typed-up notes are more your thing, or you prefer scrap paper, it makes no difference – it’s all about building your unique style and growing your followers.

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As Legally Studies told us:

Anyone studying can start a studygram regardless of their methods of studying.

Don’t forget that, depending on what style you go for, you might need to invest in some colourful stationery and pens to make your account really pop.

However, the main skill you need to have is an eye for what makes a good Instagram photo – crisp clean lines, an eye-catching colour scheme and a strong caption.

You’ll also need to know how to build a following and start doing sponsored content – everything you need to know about this is over on our guide to making money from social media.

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